The Addition of Colour

Signs have become an important communication tool for many modern civilizations, but many people tend to ignore them. In a society where almost everyone is literate, many signs today incorporate lettering with icons. The ability to mix and match them had a positive impact at first, but even these signs became ignored over time. The addition of colour has helped somewhat, but the search for bold colours and better icons is still part of the modern sign industry.

Some signs are nothing more than a way to help people find a particular location, and they are only applicable to those who do not know the area. A sign for locals will soon be ignored if they are familiar with a neighbourhood, so an important message when there are changes may need to stand out. Adding colour to the usual sign could be an excellent way to grab the attention of the passing public, and sign makers have been using this trick for many years.

The pace of life today is fast, so grabbing the attention of people walking past a sign can be difficult. Some companies may choose to decorate their signage with imaginative shapes, but others choose fanciful letters. It may take a moment or two for a person to decipher the words, and that alone could lead a person into a shop they might bypass on a regular basis. This one addition could be significant for a small shop in need of business, or it could help pedestrians find what they need because the lettering catches their eye.

The display of messages today is everywhere, and many shops depend upon them to attract consumers. Being able to make a sign stand out has become a big business for shops that specialize in making them, and companies are quick to take advantage of any tool that will help. They want their sign to stand out, and many of them have found that adding colour to important messages, using fanciful letters, or even creating unique wording can help them.