Decorating with Design Patterns

Adding color to walls and flooring is a wonderful way to decorate. It achieves a cohesive look to an area without painting all of it and then adding other embellishments. For many years, people have used stencils to paint borders on the tops of walls. They have also used this same technique to create patterns around doors and windows. Lately, painted floors with a stenciled design have been a way to create a new flooring look without the expense of changing the flooring.

Creating a pattern on a floor is an easy way to get a new look within a small budget. This method works well with floors made of a solid material such as concrete or wood. The entire floor must be cleaned and a base layer of paint is applied. Once the base layer has dried, it is a simple matter to paint the design over it with a stencil. Using a stencil provides a pattern and can make the floor appear as if a giant area rug is present. This is a much less expensive way to decorate the floor than buying a large rug or new tiles.

There are many places in a home where patterns are used. Towels, bed sheets and decorative vases are all places where patterns are an effective decorating method. The patterns are normally the same color throughout a set of items and they are a different color than the base on which they sit. This gives an item a pop of color that catches the eye with a geometric form. Stencils tend to work well with forms that are flat, and small items such as candle holders can be decorated with patterns by using glass transfers or glass decals. The pattern desired can be ordered and custom made if necessary.

A geometric design is often pleasing to the eye. Using this type of pattern to decorate items in the home helps make the home look like it contains more space. When the same pattern is used in different areas, it tends to draw the eye to it. This is just one way to effectively use patterns in home design.