Fun with Words

The use of words in the modern world is often important when it comes to safety instructions, information transmission, and even helping people find a location. While these are all important goals, there is no reason they always need to be functional only. Having fun with words can get the message across to those who need it, but it can be done in a way that also makes it memorable. The use of colour and exaggerated shapes can be a good way to help people get the information they need while letting them feel they have had a bit of enjoyment from it.

There is no rule in the world that says words must be white on a black background, or blue on a red sign. Many times words printed or painted on a sign are a regular size and color, but that is often just a way for standardizing information within a society. For shops and eateries, creating signs can be a fun way to communicate with their customers. If they are selling items that are green, forming each letter with the same or different shades of green paint or chalk could make the sign more memorable or interesting. Catching the attention of today's consumers is a challenge, so this can be a new way to get them to look and remember.

Exaggeration is often used with words when writing a spoof or lampoon, but it can be done with individual letters on a sign. Customers might enjoy seeing the tails of their letters forming an interesting design when they are reading a daily menu at a local cafe, and it could strike a pleasant chord in their memory the next time they go out for lunch. Fun with letters in this situation can be a creative activity that keeps customers coming back for more.

Words are nothing more than a cohesive series of letters that make up a word, but they do not always need to be serious. Some signs are meant to help people in case of an emergency, and they should be easy to read and understand. Signs for more leisurely activities such as shopping or dining out can be used as a way to attract customers by giving them a little more zing while delivering the message.